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Olathe Movers – Moving Checklist Tips

Olathe movers go a long way in making your relocation as easy as possible. A moving checklist is a must have when creating your moving out plans. An important moving tip is to follow your checklist to the letter and avoid putting off any task. The checklist can be spread over seven weeks.

Six weeks before moving

This is the genesis of your moving out plans. At this time, you need to sort out your things. Determine items that you may not require to move with and those you do not and plan for the expenses that you will incur when moving. Confirm whether you are eligible for tax deductions too during this time. This week’s moving tip: Determine your moving date as early as this week so that you can start making appointments with your movers and other relevant parties.

Five weeks before moving

Start packing things that you will not be using until you move. Try to clear items and foodstuffs which you may not be able to move with and avoid re-stocking them. Cancel your subscription with your utilities service providers and your newspaper courier. Make the necessary travel arrangements for your pets and/or domestic animals. Moving tip of the week: Remember to label boxes of items that you have packed so that they are easy to retrieve incase you need them before moving.

Four weeks before moving

Promote your yard sale to be held two weeks to the moving day. File for a change of address with postal services so that your mail is re-directed in time. Ensure that all pending bills that pertain to that specific address are paid and anything that needed returning or picking up has been taken care of. Have your car serviced especially if you are moving to a distant location. Moving tip of the week: Most of the moving date appointments with movers and other relevant persons should have been made by now.

Three weeks before moving.

Get rid of toxic and/or flammable substances from your lawn. You can now start packing more items not forgetting to label clearly all the boxes. Ensure that you have all your important documents with you including your license. Have just enough foodstuffs in the house to last you till the moving day. You can now host a yard sale to dispose items that you will not move with. Moving tip of the week: Involving your neighbors in the preparation of the yard sale produces greater results due to the synergy of the group work.

Two weeks before moving

Confirm your arrangements with the moving company. Make and confirm your family’s travel arrangements. Confirm that the cancelled subscriptions to various services were actually cancelled. Communicate your new contacts and address to all important persons. Moving tip of the week: You should ensure that all contracts or contractual arrangements made in regard to the old house are cancelled by the end of this week.

One week before moving and moving day.

Now you can finalize your packing. Prepare your appliances so that they are ready for moving. Organize child care for your children at the new place before arrival so that unpacking is done easily. Scan the whole place for forgotten items in the now unoccupied house. Your moving out plans is now executed and your moving checklist is now over. Take a count of your items with the movers and you are ready to go.

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